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Anushri Ghode

Researcher | UX Designer | Service Designer
Ex- Microsoft Research, Ex- Meesho
M.Des from Srishti Institute of Art, Design & technology

Kick-off- March 2023 (school schedule will not be disturbed)
Rs. 4999/-

About this internship

The UX research internship will be the stepping stone for students who want to understand how UX research works in companies. It will also be useful for students to enhance their cognitive abilities.

About Anushri

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Anushri is a seasoned User Experience (UX) researcher and designer. She has worked across research organizations, socio-tech start-ups and NGOs. Her UX practice brings together product design, service design, design thinking and research.

Internship Project Brief:

The pandemic brought about a gigantic behavioral change in the way people communicate and learn. The education sector is witnessing the shift from offline learning to online learning as students and faculty members around the world are adapting to virtual learning platforms.

Imagine you are working as a UX Researcher on such a virtual learning platform (video conferencing tool). This platform works on a personal computer or laptop or mobile phone with or without video. It allows students and faculty to learn, collaborate and connect.

One day,a project lands on your desk. The company wants to enhance the usability of this learning platform to increase student engagement. With the project in hand, your job is to conduct research, document your findings, and come up with design suggestions.

Research Objective:

  • Understand how and why students are currently using this platform. (Motivation)
  • What are the challenges they face while using this platform (Pain points)

Research Plan:

  1. Background: Aim for conducting this study. (To be shared by the KTC Team)
  2. The objectives: What the project team wants to learn from the research. (To be shared by the KTC Team)
  3. Participants: Who are the participants, and what will be the recruiting criteria?
  4. Research Method: How do you conduct the research? (Includes guided research method).
  5. An interview guide: A set of instructions and questionnaires will be included during the research.
  6. Findings: Followed with the research findings will help to get actionable insights and a conclusion.
  7. UX Design: Possible design solution will be the execution of the research.
  8. Documents: when the research will take place, and when a report could be expected.
  9. Resources: Secondary research or any reading link will be part of this research.
  10. Presentation: Showcasing study.

What tools will you use?

  • Pen and paper: To note down interview insights
  • Figma: To note down findings, analyze research data, and design wireframe

At the end of this internship, you will be able to:

  • Look critically at the actual design problem.
  • Apply methods for evaluating, analyzing, and interpreting research.
  • Make an industry standard presentation.
  • Work with a design tool.

You will learn these soft skills:

  • Design thinking
  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Situational Awareness
  • Curiosity

You will learn these applied skills:

  • Research
  • Data analysis and synthesis
  • Wireframing