Industry Expert

Apurv Mehra

Research | Product Management | Engineering
Microsoft Research India | Three Wheels United
Computer Science & Engineering, IIIT Delhi

Objective: Understanding of different research methods and paradigms. In particular, empirical and engineering research methods.


  • Critical thinking, reading and evaluation skills
  • The ability to present a logical and coherent argument

Course Duration

  • Live Webinar : 10 Hours
  • Self Work : 5-20 Hours


  • Students from STEM backgrounds who want to understand what it’s like to undertake research in computer science.
  • The medium of instruction will be English

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Research and Research Methods
  • What Is Research and What Makes a Good Research Question?
  • What is a Literature Review and Why Do We Need to Do One?
  • How to Read a research paper
  • Quantitative vs Qualitative Research
  • Introduction and study designs
  • How Do You Know You Have Been a Good Researcher at the End of a Project?
  • Case Study & Project


  • Careers in computer science research
  • Good colleges to study computer science research